Our values

We hold ourselves, and our people, to the highest moral standards through the core values that have served as the guiding principle for all decisions, actions and behaviour since Avon began. 

Values that celebrate innovation, honesty, inclusion and beauty.

Our ethical standards

Our values are inherent in the ethical standards we live by.

Promoting an environment of trust that encourages telling the truth always. Respecting one another, our Representatives, our customers, our communities, and those who regulate and enforce the law.  Believing in each other and ourselves to pursue our mission in accordance with our values. Having the Humility to let our performance speak for itself and admit our mistakes. Demonstrating Integrity in all situations, whatever the pressures or temptations, and no matter the potential consequences.

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Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct outlines principles for ethical behaviour, professionalism, good business practice, and the standards of conduct expected of everyone working at Avon, to ensure that our values are lived and breathed throughout the organisation. 

Doing business responsibly

We are committed to making the world a more beautiful place, which means operating responsibly in all areas of our business. 

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Supporting Women


stand4her is our plan to improve the lives of 100 million women every year. It is our global response to the barriers still holding women back from reaching their full potential.

It aims to improve the world by advancing their earning potential through the power of beauty, and their ability to live a safe and healthy life.  

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We have developed policies in areas that are especially important to our business.

Click below for position statements on some of the key issues of interest to our customers, Representatives, associates and other stakeholders.

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