About us

A global force for women

At the heart of our business is a network of millions of beauty advisors, our independent Avon Representatives. These micro-entrepreneurs provide millions customers worldwide with trusted, personal beauty advice and products to help them express their individuality. 

It's an inspiring community that has been the driving force behind our company for more than 130 years, as we’ve championed women and helped them succeed, in their own way and on their own terms. 

Our founder was a pioneer of women’s empowerment, long before women’s rights were widely recognised, and we continue to drive this powerful mission for women today, supported by over 25,000 passionate and talented associates in more than 50 markets across the globe.

Decades of beautiful innovation

We consistently bring breakthrough, award-winning products to the market, pairing beauty with on-trend and timeless innovation through our beloved brands. 

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Decade of supporting women

We are proud to be a beauty company that shines a light on issues of vital importance to women across the world. Through the Avon Promise to Help End Violence Against Women and Girls, we strive for a world where women and girls are free from the fear of violence or abuse. Through the Avon Breast Cancer Promise, we educate women about the signs and symptoms of this disease, and make sure they know where to go for help. We’ve built the world’s largest network of women, regardless of their background, age, education, and social status. And we give them tools, networks, training, support and opportunities to earn money, and to help themselves, their families and their communities to prosper and thrive.

But we won't stop there. There is still work to do.

And we promise to continue doing more.

We believe the future is full of even more possibility for women. Which is why we are continually evolving our business to deliver a hi-tech, hi-touch, hi-impact, fast beauty brand that brings customers the latest trends, through a direct, personal experience driven by innovation and technology. A beauty brand that connects directly with our customers and our beauty entrepreneurs, and continues to make a difference to the lives of millions of women around the world.

stand4her: supporting women

stand4her is our plan to improve the lives of 100 million women every year. It is our global response to the barriers still holding women back from reaching their full potential.

It aims to improve the world by advancing their earning potential through the power of beauty, and their ability to live a safe and healthy life.  

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At Avon, beauty is so much more than just skin deep.


Beauty means finding the right lipstick shade for a customer; providing an earnings opportunity that allows indviduals to support their families; and enabling a woman to get her first mammogram. Beauty is about looking and feeling your best, but it’s also about a shared sense of belonging. Beauty is championing economic participation and improving the lives of women around the world.


That is why we are proud to be in the business of beauty with our network of micro-entrepreneurs.